About timeleap

Timeleap Finance is here to create an ecosystem of high yield assets on Polygon chain, built to last with sustainable tokenomics. We set out to solve 3 main problems that plague yield farms; Inflationary tokenomics of yield farming tokens, emission rate drops to zero to control inflation / emulate Max Supply, buyback and burn hurts future governance.


With verifiable max supply of 86,400‌ and we’ve removed any possibility to write into MasterChef to alter the max supply of TIME, it gives us yield farmers a peace of mind that it truly is going to be a max supply of 86,400.‌

Emission will never ever drop emissions to zero, this means that there will always be a farm you can come back to. Limiting maximum supply wouldn’t raise inflation.

We implement a series of auto-compounding strategies (Buyback-and-Make) in our strategy contract, all with the aim of buying back TIME from the open market. MasterChef gets a share of TIME and the rest goes to our Treasury contract for future utility by our protocol.  This mean MasterChef can always transfer rewards, so long as there is a valid TIME balance in the MasterChef contract.

We are currently partnership with Jetswap and Wault.