Gravity Finance

About Gravity Finance

Gravity Finance is an expanding suite of DeFi products built on the Polygon Network (previously Matic).

Current products include a Permission less Decentralised Exchange (DEX) employing an Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol for lightning fast swaps on the Polygon Network, Yield Farms to earn passive income by staking tokens, Vaults to Auto-compound user positions and take the work out of being a yield farmer and a completely custom-built IDO Launchpad where promising new project can launch into the Polygon space.

The Gravity Finance team are currently working on bringing Automated Investment Strategies, Derivatives Trading and other defi products to launch.

The platforms products have been audited and reviewed multiple times, the most in-depth audit was completed by Obelisk and the most in-depth review by DeFi Safety:

GFI Token

GFI token is the governance token for Gravity Finance.

GFI holders automatically receive admin fees from all of the platform products by simply holding GFI in their wallets, NO.STAKING.REQUIRED.

Admin fees are converted to 50% ETH and 50% BTC*

*Depending where users hold their GFI tokens , the ETH portion of admin-fees are either automatically processed for the users, or available for GFI holders to claim at any time.

The BTC portion accrues in a smart contract forming the tokens intrinsic value, making GFI “backed by Bitcoin” through admin fees. GFI holders can redeem at any time through a GFI burn-function.

For detailed info about how admin fees are processed please see GG

Gitbook or Medium where examples are given:

Exchange/Token tracking:

Coinmarketcap (token info*):

Coinmarketcap (exchange info*)

* As of 21st December 2021, neither CG or CMC track Gravity Exchange, therefore price/liquidity is not always accurate, we are working on getting the exchange tracked.

Therefore we recommend using Dex Screener, which does track Gravity Exchange data and displays more accurate info.

Dex Screener

Project info:

Docs (Gitbook)