Gains Network

About Gains Network

Gains Network brings its liquidity-efficient decentralized leveraged trading architecture to Polygon.

Trade cryptos with up to 150x leverage, and major forex pairs with up to 1000x (on-chain execution).

Stocks, commodities, and indices are coming soon.

Major innovations:

  • Simulation of the trading PnL by minting/burning the GNS token (asset-agnostic synthetic).
  • No funding fee (no capital borrowed for the leverage).
  • Support for any asset with any leverage.
  • 100% of the liquidity concentrated into a single GNS/DAI pool (no order books for each pair).
  • DAI-only liquidity layer on top of the GNS/DAI liquidity for maximum capital-efficiency.
  • Collaterals only going through the liquidity (significantly less slippage).
  • First-of-its-kind on-demand Chainlink DON (decentralized oracle network).
  • Median spot prices only, no derived/generated price.


  • Utility token minted/burnt by the trading platform (necessary for the architecture).
  • Long-term deflationary pressure on the GNS supply from trading losses.
  • Significant share of the leveraged trading fees going to GNS/DAI liquidity providers.