About FutureCoin

FutureCoin aims to build a complete ecosystem for the crypto market based on Destiny Wallet & Swap, CoinFiles – Market Data and social media platform, which uses 2 artificial intelligences, 1 to estimate the actual volume in the market and another 1 to check the market sentiment based on user posts and comments on the platform, electric cars using solar power as secondary energy to increase reliability and autonomy, virtual bank with fintech app, payment processor and ATM infrastructure, NFT marketplace and crypto gaming marketplace where users can have multiple PAY2EARN games on the same app (similar to STEAM, only for crypto gaming), cyber security platform offering full audits of projects and platforms in the crypto space dedicated to anti-scams, honeypots and rugpulls and its own launchpad.

And at the core of our ecosystem is TRADELINK (our own chain) which uses a new validation system called Proof of Trade.