Flooz.Trade – Social Decentralized Exchange

About Flooz.Trade – Social Decentralized Exchange

Flooz vision is to humanize crypto and bring the next 1b people onto the blockchain. Flooz is pioneering social trading on it’s simple-to-use decentralized exchange called Flooz.Trade.

How it works?

– Connect any crypto wallet to Flooz.Trade.

– Flooz.Trade automatically tracks your entire portfolio for you

– Swap any token on any chain, at the fastest routes and most affordable rates. It already works with Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smartchain and others

– Traders can instantly purchase Matic with Apple/ Google Pay, credit card and bank transfer.

– With social trading, traders can see in real-time what the community is trading, learn from their trades, follow them and even peek-and-pop into any wallet. Each trade is placed onto the „Buzz“-Feed and can be upvoted and downvoted. Trades with most votes become the „loudest buzz“ and are highlighted on the platform.

– Other features include referral systems, SDK to embed swapping onto any website, Bots for token partners and more