Datagen Project

About Datagen Project

an integrated ecosystem that aims to close the efficiency gap between centralized end decentralized providers of different applications requiring cloud computing starting from a new decentralized infrastructure for privacy-friendly search engine optimization. The main elements are:

-A fee-free crypto/fiat exchange that is completely free for users (that we will create only if we are in overfunding).

-A blockchain-powered privacy-friendly web search engine which is a decentralized privacy-friendly search engine with miners that provide computing power on demand to make the researches. it can collect and analyze the blockchain-organized web researches and thanks to a special certificate it can receive the precise pattern of researches of every single device disconnected from the IP and so to the real person. In this way, it’s possible to increase profitability and lower the costs for the blockchain-powered privacy-friendly search engines increasing the safety of users’ data thanks to transparent blockchain technology.

-A decentralized blockchain-powered open infrastructure where demand and supply of computing power can meet. Thought as a marketplace of computing power, can have different uses with different computational problems to be solved on demand. A new efficient way to require cloud computing with a focus on keeping it scalable (hybrid between PoW and PoS) and on building interconnectivity between different applications built on the top of the native blockchain (allowing involved companies to put their applications -voluntarily- on a dedicated app-store).

Inside the ecosystem, there is a native cryptocurrency (DataGen) to be used as the payment method for the services of the ecosystem itself.