Bluejay Finance

About Bluejay Finance

Bluejay is a new DeFi project, built on Polygon, that creates an infrastructure for high mobility global currencies that you can move, save & control. We do it by providing a platform for creating stablecoins that are soft-pegged to global currencies and are backed by collateralized debt positions.

Our mission is to solve the ways in which money is broken today. Around the world, volatility of currency, expensive and inconvenient remittances, and cash liquidity problems have made it difficult for everyday people to spend, save, and earn money.

Stablecoins minted through the Bluejay Protocol allow users to get never-before access to the global financial institutions and the local economy. Benefits for users including:

  • Transacting P2P anywhere, anytime, with no additional fees
  • Earning a highly liquid, risk-free savings rate, when stablecoins are deposited
  • Easily and cheaply switching to other digital assets like USDT, ETH, BTC for savings or trading
  • Easily and cheaply switching back to fiat currency for local daily transaction use case

Just like MakerDAO, the Bluejay Protocol uses a collateralized debt position (CDPs) to create an elastic supply of stablecoins soft-pegged to sovereign currencies that are programmable, decentralized, and fully backed by collaterals.