Astro Farms

About Astro Farms

We introduced our community to our first token, LEO and inspired them as we teased them with the upcoming Leo mission; our first exploration (farm) on Polygon. We, however, had a surprise Loyalty Rewards System in our “actual” Zodiac Roadmap; this has now been updated to reflect our plans. Unbeknownst to our community, our primary objective was to launch our first mission as Cancer. The Reward: The LEO Token is our community/governance token and has immediate utility for exploration in the Cancer Mission. In addition, the CANCER Token has also launched ahead of the Cancer Exploration Mission.

As a project, another key focus is, to provide safe and sustainable solutions that solve the hardest problems in the space. To affirm this, our smart contracts will be heavily audited. As we release new smarts contracts, we will have each contract audited as soon as possible.